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A new partnership aims to educate Australians on the health benefits of egg consumption.

‘An eggciting time’: Egg consumption beneficial for older Aus

A new partnership between Australian Eggs and Hearts4Heart aims to educate Australians about the health benefits of eggs on their hearts and cardiovascular systems.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) affects more than four million Australians, costing the economy $5bn each year – more than any other disease.

Australians over the age of 75 were the most affected group in 2023, meaning they were more likely to have a related reduced quality of life or death.

Misconceptions such as too many eggs being detrimental to an individual's heart health have been debunked by research that suggests eating eggs as part of a balanced diet does not increase the risk of heart-related diseases.

Director of Australian Eggs Rowan McMonnies said there was a natural alignment between a diet rich in whole foods, like eggs, and cardiovascular health.

"We know there has been misinformation surrounding egg consumption and heart health, and this partnership continues our efforts in sharing the positive contribution of eggs as
one of nature’s superfoods," Mr McMonnies said.

"Eggs contain 13 essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that our bodies need to function. As well as this, eggs contribute to a healthy heart, immune system and provide us with the energy levels we need to tackle everyday life.

"Eggs are also an excellent and affordable source of whole protein for Australians."

The Australian Dietary Guidelines do not place a limit on the number of eggs people can eat.

However, eating eggs with healthy substitutes such as mashed avocado adds healthy fats, vitamins, and fibre to your diet.

Chief of Hearts4Heart Tanya Hall said the daily habits of individuals could also greatly impact the risk of developing CVD.

"Positive lifestyle behaviours such as healthy eating, regular exercise, limiting alcohol consumption, and smoking cessation can lower cardiovascular risk factors,” Ms Hall said.

"It’s paramount that Australians understand the relationship between these behaviours and their correlation with CVD risk.

"By partnering with Australian Eggs, we hope to further educate healthcare professionals and Australians about heart disease and the simple ways you can look after yourself."

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