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GPs to be incentivised to work in aged care

GPs will receive double the yearly payment to treat aged care residents as part of a government move to improve the health of older Australians. GPs will be incentivised to make more visits to people living in residential aged care ...

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The Ageing Equation podcast

AgedCareInsite · Ageing Equation Podcast || Budget 2021-2022 The Ageing Equation podcast brings you insights into the aged care industry. Journalist Nance Haxton and residential aged care expert and consultant Safdar Ali break down the latest market analysis and research ...

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Ageing is irreversible: new landmark research

A landmark study has found that slowing or reversing the ageing process is unlikely to be possible for humans. Researchers from 14 different countries set out to test the ‘invariant rate of ageing’ hypothesis, which says that a species has ...

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