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Image of good health: Avatars can help nurses teach

Avatars can compensate for literacy issues by relaying important messages to patients, an Australian researcher told attendees of an international nursing conference. Professor Robyn Clark from Flinders University, said using avatars – figures, often cartoons, that depict a person digitally ...

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SMARTen up: trial aims for mental health self-management

Melbourne researchers are trialling a digital program in Victoria’s specialist mental health services. The project, the Self-Management and Recovery Technology (SMART) research program, aims to empower people with serious mental illness to advance their recovery by self-managing. The online resource has ...

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Tech consultation breakdowns hurt funding

Shortfalls in the consultation between patient advocates and government on healthcare tech funding must be improved, researchers from the University of Adelaide have argued. Dr Jackie Street, senior lecturer in public health said patient organisations are not being effectively engaged, ...

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Bandage in works detects pressure ulcers

Researchers from the US are developing a new type of bandage that uses electrical currents to detect early tissue damage from pressure ulcers before the human eye can. “What we're detecting is a change in the way electricity flows that ...

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Telephones don’t define telenursing

The controversy over this long-standing practice comes from mistaking the tools for the context. Ever since the telephone connected rural hospitals with the community, rural people have been calling their local nurses seeking care – and the nurses have been ...

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More legal adventures in social media

Recent cases in this rapidly evolving realm involve nursing, bullying, privacy, defamation and employment. This article follows two previous ones concerning bullying and the use of social media within the nursing profession; both of which generated great interest. Workplace bullying ...

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