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Dementia disease burden outstrips trial activity

A review has found there is far less clinical trial activity related to dementia than researchers expected, given the condition’s growing prevalence and national disease burden. The analysis, carried out by researchers at the National Health and Medical Research Council ...

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Power naps work, expert says

There is growing evidence that napping may improve productivity and safety at work, a sleep expert has said. RMIT University's Dr Melinda Jackson, a registered psychologist who specialises in sleep disorders, said there is mounting evidence that napping during a shift ...

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Hike in allergy reactions for kids, 5-14

The number of Australians hospitalised with severe life-threatening allergic reactions has increased by 50 per cent between 2005 and 2012. Hospital admissions increased in all age groups, while the highest rates are still for patients under five with the cause ...

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