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Cancer treatments evolving rapidly

The paradigm of treatment for cancer patients has been revolutionised, particularly in the last five years, according to a nurse who has worked in the field for over two decades.

Mary Duffy, an advanced practice specialist lung cancer nurse, said: “With the advances in some of the targeted therapies we’ve got for the treatment of lung cancer, people with [the disease] are living longer, and we’re able to improve their quality of life.”

In a recent podcast, the executive director of cancer nursing and allied health at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Mei Krishnasamy, mentioned the many changes in the way cancer nurses think about how they deliver care and ways to engage with innovations. She points to the remarkable speed of medical advancements – such as the new agents being used to treat advanced melanoma – as one major factor changing the delivery of care.

Duffy echoed Krishnasamy’s points in an interview with health editor Dallas Bastian and also discussed the opportunities that these advancements hold for nurses.

Listen below to hear the full interview with Duffy.

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