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The ’empowering’ choice of deciding when to die – Podcast

Fifteen older people in a recent study said being in charge of when they die is "empowering".

The qualitative survey from Edith Cowan University took a deep dive into the opinions of older people on Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) and found that most were in favour.

Lead researcher Dr Eyal Gringart said that this study was unique to Australia because it explored the perspectives on VAD without the presence of a terminal illness.

"Participants expressed a desire for personal choice and said they wanted control over VAD if and when they could no longer be able to look after themselves," Gringart said.

"However, they thought it was important that legislation be written to protect vulnerable people from being coerced to seek VAD by family members or others who do not have the person's best interest at heart."

For years, VAD has been a controversial topic of conversation amidst contradictive state laws and diverse opinions.

In the study, Dr Gringart delves into topics such as cultural and religious disparities and what kind of worldview people supporting VAD have.

Listen to Aged Care Insite's intriguing conversation with senior lecturer and coordinator of Psychology at ECU, Dr Eyal Gringart, about the ethics and philosophy of choosing your moment to die.

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