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Aged care’s angels

From the kitchen to the activities room to the facility bus, volunteers are making a difference in aged care. Social commentators would have you believe the volunteer is a dying breed. These days, Australians aren’t interested or simply don’t have ...

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Much ado about nothing?

The much lauded handover of home and community care services to the Commonwealth appears to have stalled. Where did it all go wrong? And what does it mean for the reform agenda? Many are reading it as an ominous sign ...

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Industry finances in poor health: research

Further evidence of need for funding reform presented in new research papers. A greater ‘user-pays’ component is necessary to improve the viability of aged care, two new financial surveys of the sector have revealed. Client contributions in the form of ...

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Missing in action

New report highlights need for government to do more in retaining and recruiting nurses. There has been an increase in the number of nurses working in Australia in recent years. But as the skills shortage continues, the large number of ...

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A mixed bunch

From overseas workers to student volunteers, the aged care workforce is truly diverse, posing both challenges and opportunities. Melinda Ham reports. Nasreen Sultana emigrated from Bangladesh to Australia eight years ago with a teaching qualification, but decided to get a ...

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